We know that each girl is conscious about her looks. She always wants to look perfect at every event wither it’s a party, or a wedding season, all she wants is to look prettiest among all the women out there. How about adding haywire’s elegant designs of gold bracelets for a female in your jewelry box?

Nothing’s better than adding some accessories in your daily outfits or some party wears. These accessories are going to make you look good each day every time. Gold is mostly worn on wedding parties, so wearing gold plated accessories is a good option for any wedding party.

Here are some fashion accessories that you can include with your daily wear or party wear, and I assure you that the look will never let you down.


Bracelets or handcuffs look so decent for any occasion. Either you want to add them as your daily wear accessory or wear them for any wedding event; they’ll never go wrong with your outfit. Haywire jewelry have the latest collection of gold bracelets for female.

They deal with platinum, silver, and gold as well. If you are searching for a bracelet for daily wear, I’ll recommend you to buy a platinum bracelet with your name engraved on it or a bracelet having your birthstones attached to it or some funky handcuffs.

These bracelets will make your hands look more prominent. Gold jewelry are never old for any wedding parties; you can always wear a sleek gold bracelet with diamonds on it with your formal wear. Haywire jewelry has a wide range of gold bracelets in amazing designs and reasonable prices.


If your party wear isn’t giving you that classy look you are searching for then trust me adding some jewelry will surely complete your demand. You can pair your outfit with some matching necklaces. Emerald necklace is in-trend for this year.

You can go for your birthstones engraved in the necklace as well. Wear a chunky necklace for morning parties and add an elegant gold locket or pendant with a small diamond in it to those evening family dine-ins to make you more prominent.


We know that most of us want to look good in a very less price. For this issue, we have an idea for you ladies. Many online stores are selling earrings at a very reasonable price.

If you cannot afford expensive jewelry, you can just pair some ear studs with your outfit, and they’ll make you look classy. If you are planning to buy earrings for a wedding occasion, then gold is never old for that. We prefer you to buy gold studs which could be pair with your every formal outfit.


Rings are the most common jewelry worn by every woman. None of us would leave our homes without wearing a single ring in our finger.

Either earing a gold ring or a simple funky everyday ring, rings are always a great option to make your hand look gorgeous. How can we forget about the “mid rings.” Mid rings seem so cool for any office wear. Rings are undoubtedly the best and cheapest way to embrace yourself.,

Published by Yatin Arora