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What were your goals for 2016?

Did you accomplish them?

Were there any changes made, if so WHY? 

How could you improve or expand on them for 2017?

Can any of them become a constant goal that gets bigger and better or even be turned into your motto? 

What is the biggest thing you want to achieve in 2017 and how can you get there?  Who can help you get there?  What knowledge do you need to obtain to get you there? 

I'll give an example for one of my goals this year. I planned on completing a year of teaching in China and that didn't happen, I left as you may have noticed. But I still managed a year of teaching abroad. I had to make changes from my original goal to be happier and find balance again and not be so money focused. I did have a saving goal that tagged along and that disappeared because of how the East to the West and money is very different. As in the currency is a different quantity and what you can do with it varies: it cost me 50¥ for a western dinner and I got paid in the 10s of thousands in China, now it costs me £10-15€/ £ and I get paid in low thousands. Thats just one example, but I can put my money goals into next year and every year increase my saving and investing goals based on the country I'm in!

I recently started noticing some entrepreneurs I follow map out their goals and how it will be achieved in specific planners, some also even rewrite their overall goal just so it sticks in their subconscious and they are daily monitoring their steps towards it. I'm going to start re writing my goals weekly and use colours for high priority goals and my motto. I suggest you do too!

Off to buy a gold pen xx

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