Golf- The Game Of King’s!

Originated back in the 1400s in Scotland, golf is a game where etiquettes and integrity should be in the player’s heart. The civilization associated with the game requires personal enforcement of a specific set of rules and penalties. It demands a lot of time, isolation and is played quietly, the reason it is very popular among businesses and other professionals.

Further, the golf etiquettes are about what you should do and what should not do, and the rules feature what you shall do or not. If you want the insights of the game and what to improve your golf protocol, here’s what you need to know:

Basics Of The Game:


Have you ever seen golfer yelling FORE? Do you know why they do this; why not they shout heads or anything to warn those who might get hit by the errant shot?

Technically, fore means ‘situated in front’ or ‘ look around,’ which golfer use to warn other players that the ball is coming to their way. Imagine a dimpled projectile coming from a hundred miles on a verge to damage your muscles, bones, and eyes. So, if you are in a golf ground and you hear this Fore, immediately duck or shield your face. While it will likely miss you that hitting you, just stay protected, especially when you don’t know from which direction the ball is coming.

No Communication Devices:

Do not bring pagers, beepers and cell phones on the golf course. If you have the one, turn them off or put them on silent. Will these devices go off, accidentally or intentionally when the other player is about to swing can distract them and is also considered as quite rude.

You might find yourself being busy on the phone without being aware that you are within the earshot of the other person. So, enjoy the golf and keep distractions aside.

Don’t Be A Slow Player:

Golfers are obligated to keep up with the game; they play without delay. So, if you are a slow person, encourage other players to move quickly so that you can hit with ease. Wait for your turn on the tee and green and then hit. Also, make sure you make up for your tee times and don’t show up late for your game.

Bring On The Right Equipment:

According to the golf rules, there should be 14 clubs in each golfer bag. However, there’s no range of a minimum number of clubs.  Of course, you can bring as many as clubs, but borrowing clubs from the partner is not a good idea. So, make sure you have all the clubs that you need.

Even if you are not playing as per the rules, do not badger your partner to borrow equipment. You should have your best golf travel bag and your clubs.

Tee Time:

No matter how many rounds you play, reserve a tee time for your golf rounds.  You can get the tee time, by calling in advance or earlier depending on the golf course’s policy. Once you have reserved your tee time, try to show up early.

Out Of The Bounds And Lost Balls:

Out-of-the-bounds should be marked around the golf course, by using the white stakes or white lines. While there’s a penalty for the out-of-the-bounds stroke, at busy golf courses if you have hit the ball out of the bounds, you will have to play the second ball of the off the tee.

Learn The Little Things:

Laying the flagstick down, tamping down spike marks when you are walking off the green and more. You will learn about these things by simply observing.

So, next time you are invited to play golf, keep the above etiquette in mind and hit the ground!

Published by Janice Cook