Christmas is done and the lights are gone.  When I look down our street in the evening I see maybe one or two houses that still have Christmas lights on.  For a week or so after Christmas the streets were still ablaze with the wonderful light displays.  Now, they are almost all gone and the streets are dark.  It’s almost depressing.  I like to leave mine on for a few months after Christmas because it seems to brighten my mood.

    Many people treat their Saviour, Jesus, in the same manner.  As long as it is the Christmas season, they talk about Jesus, sing songs about Him and spread the love of God.  Unfortunately, many treat Jesus the same as their lights and decoration.  When the season is over, He goes away into storage until next year.  God wants us to keep His Son in the forefront all year long.  That doesn’t mean leave decorations up all year long but it does mean to remember Him, sing songs about Him and share His love with others.  This year be careful that Jesus does not end up in storage until next December,.  Keep Him on display all year long.

Published by Ray Richards