The Goochland Drive-In Theater is about 35 minutes west. Despite the drive, we go way too often. We had to see “Captain America: Civil War” there, even though we’d just seen it the weekend before, with my siblings. And “Finding Dory”? A drive-in movie, for sure.

Opening in the spring, and running through the fall, the Goochland Drive-in Theater is vintage-inspired (No, nothing like the “Grease” drive-in theatre.), starting out the feature by playing old cartoon shorts and advertisements bragging about how much kids love the sugary cereal. They play double features, usually the current top two movies, Friday through Sunday. Pretty frequently through the summer they’ll play weekday single features of an extra-popular movie, and offer lower-priced admission. Regular admission is $8.00 for adults, $3.50 for kids 4-11. Be sure to eat dinner from the snack bar (hamburgers, hotdogs, pretzels, tater tots, popcorn, snow cones, etc — nothing over $3.75); that’s where their revenue comes from, as with most theaters. Gates open at 6:00, and the movie starts at dusk, which is usually in the 8 o’clock hour. If you stay for the second feature, you’ll likely be heading home well after midnight; however, there is an intermission between the features, which presents the opportunity to slip out, if you only want to stay for one.

A few things that make this drive-in theatre easy are handicap parking, well-maintained bathrooms, acceptance of Visa and MasterCard, and realtime Facebook updates if they’re nearing capacity. Quiet dogs on leashes are welcome. Every staff member I’ve encountered has been friendly and helpful, and you’ll usually see the owner around, helping out and making friends.

This is a great summertime group outing, since you have a couple hours before the movie starts, to eat together and play games, with a beautiful sunset backdrop. Check out the Goochland Drive-In Theater website or Facebook page, for the address and other important information, before you go.

Published by Bethany Lansing