American mainstream media will do all it can to inform you, remind you...perhaps even convince you that good is a rare and unseen thing these days.  Just watching five minutes of your local evening news can leave you feeling afraid and in danger.  However, this is when we need a good and healthy dose of a reality check.  As you move about your average day, how many car-jacking's, robberies, or violent altercations do you encounter?  How many people do you actually know that have had horrific tragedies befall their life?  Yes, there is violence, hatred, and anger in this world. BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE THAT IS GOOD!  People are generally generous, kind and caring.  People, more often than not, will do the right thing.  As a society, we must move away from the idea that good is hard to come by.  We must open our eyes and see all of the love, compassion and beauty that is within this world.  Focusing on the hate, anger or lack will only bring more of that energy to those ideas.  It is time that we focus on all of the love, kindness, and abundance that we do have.  Mainstream media has its own agenda for providing fear based information and entertainment.  However, the bottom line of any media outlet is to have a consumer base.  If we, as a consumer base, tune out and stop watching or supporting these fear tactics, the mainstream media will shift gears to fall in line with the desires of the consumer.  It is time to feed the good.  It is time to make conscientious choices about what we will and will not support.  It is time to stop complaining about the negativity and to start counter-acting it with good, old-fashioned positivity.

Published by JS Spirit Author