Breakfast recipes to get you inspired about breakfast:

Featured image: orange infused whole grain steel cut oats with fruit and honey.

I like all meals of the day but breakfast (especially on the weekend) has to be my favourite (alongside long dinners and lunches when entertaining). I can't function without breakfast, or if I eat it too late. Even on weekdays, Cass (my husband) and I spend time eating breakfast - even if it is just fruit, yoghurt and toast, or porridge and fruit, with coffee. Once or twice a week we will mix up having whole rolled oats with steel cut ones. They take a bit longer and benefit from some day before soaking but it is worth it.

For the recipe:

For longer, leisurely breakfasts, give these a go:

Tomato, bocconcini and basil bruschetta:

Asparagus omelette:

Poached eggs, quick pickled cabbage, guacamole + chorizo (optional)

Poached eggs, haloumi (or bacon) and greens:

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