Trying to write an emotional scene? Well here’s the perfect song to set that mood.

I came across Roy Todd’s Letting Go in 2010 on YouTube. (Listen to it here!)

Ever since then, I’ve also had it in my playlist. It mainly uses the piano but has some strings in the background.  The title itself mentions that it's “Very Emotional”.

While I was writing my novel, I was about to write a sad scene. One of my characters is going through a lot and seems like nothing's going right. I wanted to make the perfect playlist to reflect how she’s feeling.


As I’m playing Letting Go, I can imagine my character pouring her heart out to her mother. Screaming and begging for things to go right!

Here’s an example:

Being a big Grey’s Anatomy fan, I have seen a lot of emotional moments in the show. Not all the times it involves death, but it involves stress. One moment was able to capture both. Dealing with stress and death.

There wasn’t any music playing in the background of this scene, but I can tell that Letting Go would fit perfectly in this.

You should go check this scene out. It’s very emotional. (Here’s the link to part 1 and 2 of this scene.)

How Can This Help You?

For starters, some writers tend to struggle writing an emotional scene. Other than playing music, some may have looked at sad movies, or a compilation of sad moments.

Character’s death is easier to write an emotional scene. But what if there is no death? Maybe your character is going through a sad realization. Or like my character, they might be overwhelmed.

Try listening to the song first. Close your eyes and imagine how you want the scene to go according to the music.

Once you’re done, open your eyes and begin writing away!

This music will bring all the emotions out of you!

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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Published by Shannell Assem