When it comes to emotional music, there's no doubt that it's the best kind of writing music. But there is one song that is able to combine inspiration and emotional feelings.

Before it was a Broadway show. Finding Neverland was a movie. It shows the life of a writer, trying to find inspiration for a new story.

I did see the Broadway show before the movie. I love the Finding Neverland soundtrack. So I was curious to see how the movie was still able to capture strong emotions with their score. I was not disappointed. Their melody is very warm and catchy. My favorite soundtrack song is "This is Neverland."


How Can This Help You

This song has uplifting vibes. Even when the scene happened in the movie... you can tell its kind of sad but you sorta feel uplifted. The song starts out simple, then out of nowhere, it turns into a whimsical uplifting song. It can all most bring you to tears. You're even able to see that expression on the characters' face.


This song expresses that there is always something beautiful backstage.

When I write with this song... One of my characters was on the verge of dying. The agony was that his wife was also giving birth to their child. He was able to see and hold his child right before he passed away. This song made me imagine the father crying in joy because he sees his newborn.

This song has so much inspiration in it. I do want to point of Finding Neverland's Broadway version did theirs in the Neverland (Repirse). I just love this image because it shows a sense of freedom.


Think about what make your characters feel stress-free. Go on and create that uplifting moment!

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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