When times are good, doing well, and having thriving, healthy relationships is relatively easy.  But, it’s just when times are tough that we need the support provided by a productive, mutually beneficial, healthy relationship; for it is from such relationships that we derive the sense of worth and validation that is needed to weather tough times.

Contrary to what might be believed, it is easy to learn how to develop a healthy relationship in tough times.  A few inner directed and outward focused steps will help anyone build the kind of relationship that serves as a suit of armor and an anchorage in battling the turbulent seas of hard times.

First, Develop a Better You

Start by cultivating a more positive image of yourself.  Set goals that challenge, but that are achievable with effort.  While you should strive to strengthen your weak points, don’t obsess over them; focus your energies on your strong points, and don’t be afraid or hesitant of patting yourself on the back for your achievements – just, don’t overdo it.

Make learning a continuous part of your life.  Try to learn a new skill every week at first, and then throw caution to the wind and try to learn something new each and every day.  Take your intellectual pursuit into previously uncharted territory.  For instance, set a goal to learn a new language.  Even better, learn two or three new languages.  Start with an easy language like Spanish, which is similar enough to English to make self-study a relatively easy task.  After you’ve developed a moderate degree of fluency in an easy language, dive into a harder language, such as Chinese or Arabic.  Programs like Rosetta Stone are available on line to help you master many languages; and, while you’re at it, don’t just focus on learning to speak, understand, and read the language, but learn the culture behind the language.

Don’t neglect physical improvement.  Get adequate rest and exercise and establish a healthy diet.  The ancient Greeks were on to something with their philosophy of a healthy mind in a healthy body.  More importantly, when you’re fit and healthy, and you have mastered new intellectual skills, you will find that you feel spiritually better as well.

Reach Out to Others

No man is an island.  Take the better you on the road; reach out to others as you undergo your transformation into a better version of yourself.  Share what you learn with others, and take the best that they have to offer.  Seek mentoring from those who have skills and abilities you admire, and offer your skills to others. 

When times are tough and the journey is filled with obstacles, the power of shared knowledge and striving will help to smooth over the rough spots.  Problems that seem insurmountable to one often fall easily if attacked by many working together.

Published by Charles Ray