Bereishis means 'in the beginning'. This Shabbos, Shabbos Parshas Bereishis, is exactly that. A beginning. Although Rosh Hashanah may feel far behind us, this is the very first Shabbos of our brand new Torah cycle. I remember saying after Rosh Hashanah that I hoped the first Shabbos of the year would be absolutely amazing, but to the best of my memory, it wasn't. It definitely wasn't, in fact. Well, it's time to make amends. I want this to be the best Shabbos ever, and please G-d we will see the arrival of Moshiach! We could even make this happen by lighting shabbos candles tonight. In London, candles should be lit at 5:22 PM, and Shabbos ends at 6:30 on Saturday. Good Shabbos, everyone!

Published by Lily Smythe