Suspended. Suspended in time and space. Ethereal. Music is a blur. Can’t make out the words,all I hear is a beat. Lost in thought,in myself. What to do?How to be?What’s next?Words,rumblings,tremors across the busy mind. Eyes wide open,staring at the ceiling..stillness,calm,peace. Blank. Blank canvas of the white ceiling clearing the clutter of the mind leaving it blank and empty. Lying there on the bed,now head clear,empty. Lost in the moment,right here right now.This time I hear the lyrics. They sing the song of loss and love,a new hope and a better future. The memories of that what was and used to be and the new beginnings,the optimism for a better tomorrow and the sadness for that what was. It makes me think,wonder,once more I am afloat,wondering,wanderer. The times we had,memories,the past and the present. How times change. Back to it,back with it.The music zones in and out as the thoughts begin to come back,rushing,running,flowing,throwing themselves at me. Forcing me to think.I can’t,no more,enough,stop!..Music clearer then ever,beat rushing through,singing with the lyrics loud and clear.It’s over,enough..not here,not now,no more. Eyes closed,letting the body go with the flow,the beat of the song,immersed,engulfed. Lost right here,let it all go behind.Better now,better off,feeling better,will be stronger. Owe it to myself,to him,to us. I found it,got it,know it now. Now I see it all,know it all. Smile on my face,I stand up,go with the flow,do a little dance. All right. New day,new week,new future. Gotta keep on going,can’t do that with you in my mind. I am sorry. We both are but we better off,off for a better future,off to a new tomorrow. I keep on dancing,dancing out of this room,out of this house into a bright daylight,into the open,away from closed mind,closed room and into an open world of tomorrow.Goodbye and hello.

Published by Arthur Lepa