We have been forever close

You were my very first friend

You were my savior

My undying comfort when times were the toughest

I gave into you, you won me over

Time and time again

My deepest regrets pour into your hands

You made me happy...once

I have been shown the light, a taste of freedom

Escaping from your deadly grasp

Your embrace is intoxicating, your pleas so alluring

Still...I walkaway...you're no good to me

A once best friend, now my worst enemy

I will defeat you...everyday...in the mirror I look

seeing the damage you have done...the choices I made for you

No more will I be yours...now I will be mine.

My own...my very own. Life has never tasted as sweet as it does without

Life has never been as brighter, without your darkness

My heart has never beat as free...now without your weight.

Move on from me...once best friend...I am yours no more.

Published by Sunny White