Hi! I'm Jenny.

I guess we don't really know much about each other but that's okay. We'll get to know each other better as time passes! I'm pretty much new to this website and to this whole... Blogging business. I have my own blog (here) but... I've never "blogged" seriously. My personal blog is a chronicle of my personal life. But on this one, I'll try to be more creative.

I like reading. I like writing. And if you combine them together, you get endless possibilities of fun. If you like reading, you should try your hand at writing. Reading (from my experience) improves your creative writing very much.

So it's the end of July. I'm in the middle of nowhere (not literally but kinda literally). I go to a college about 6 hours away from where I live driving. So it's pretty much in the middle of farmlands. It's called the Palouse.

August is usually the start of something new in the United States. Sales, schools, leases... For me, it's the start of this blog's journey. It'll be interesting, for sure, to see where this goes. I'm not expecting much but it's kinda hard to build up your audience again. So, if you're reading my stuff for the first time (which most likely, you are), nice to meet you. Feel free to introduce yourself to me if you want!

When it comes to messaging, I'll try to respond as much as I can. But when school starts and life gets easy, I may not be respond as often. For that, I apologize in advance. It's never my intention to leave anyone hanging but I'm a very unorganized person and can forget to respond. (No, seriously, ask my friends. I often forget to respond to texts.)

And I'm still learning my way around this site. I haven't figured out how to add images that I like yet and to be honest, I don't usually add images. But if that's what you guys want, I'll try to incorporate that too.

Okay, this has been a really long post, considering it's from me. But it has been nice to meet you and hopefully I'll be seeing you around more often!

(Do I need like a cool signature sign-off?)

Later skater!

(Yeah, that was a little cheesy. Oops.)



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