**Video starts at 1:34**

I love this city! Also known as Saigon, this city has a modern feel to it. With plenty of high rises all over the city and fast food chains such as Mcdonalds, it definitely was a complete 180 from where I was staying in Hue. The price here can get a bit expensive but if you can find the right places (meeting locals and letting them take you to said places), can be really cheap and delicious!

We visited a amusement park, kind of like Vinpearl in Nha Trang, where they had rides and games on one side of the park and the other side would be an outdoor waterpark. We also ate at a seafood restaurant on a giant boat that took off shore and went around the river side. It had amazing views of district 1 and great performers while we dined.

Enjoy the video!

Published by Duy Dang