Canada day camping of 2016! The whole family decided to go up to Slave Lake, Alberta for the weekend to celebrate this day. It was also the first time my uncle and his wife were in Canada. He was the one who provided me a place to stay in Thuan An, Hue back in May when I traveled to Vietnam. It was a nice experience to show him how life was over here.

During this trip, it rained and it rained and it rained a little bit more but there were times throughout the weekend, where the sun did come out which we took advantage of and fished as much as we could. Other than fishing and a little bit of tubing, we feasted all day and night under the tarp. Since it was Canada day long weekend, we were hoping that someone from our campsites would bring fireworks and put a show on for everyone. Luckily for us, one of our neighbor campers brought their own and we got to see it up close. Too bad the field was infested by mosquitoes to actually enjoy it!

This is my last video of our camping trip for the year. We do usually go more than once every summer so expect more GoPro videos in 2017. With each new video, I do hope to make it a better experience than the previous. This was one of my first video I made and I can see a lot areas I need to change. If you edited GoPro videos before, I would love to hear some tips & advice from you or even as simple as which program you’re currently use. I’m using a program called Hitflim Express 3 but I may want to change it in the future as I do feel a little bit limited by the features. Let me know!


Published by Duy Dang