Link - GoPro Hero 4 | Da Nang & Nha Trang - Vietnam 2016 

Exploring Bana Hills and Asia Park in Da Nang city. Being on top of the mountain, Bana Hills had spectacular views and loads of activities to do. Asia Park, which is located in the city, had beautiful bright neon lights throughout the park and a whole selection of rides to choose from. A great place to spent the night out if you have extra time in Da Nang.

We then headed over to Nha Trang to visit it’s beautiful beach, ate delicious seafood, and spent the whole day at Vinpearl. An outdoor amusement park that had rides, an aquarium, and an waterpark! Sadly, the famous waterpark at Vinpearl was down for maintenance at the time we went.

Enjoy the video!

Published by Duy Dang