Hi Scandi readers.

Before I moved to Norway I bought so many beauty products because I feared I would run out during the first couple of week. I was afraid I wouldn’t have the time or energy to find a drugstore in Kristiansand. Anyway I bought two primers and now I have tested them both.

Gosh Foundation Primer Classic.

I was impressed with it the first time, maybe the second time I tried it on. But since then every time I use it, it comes off whenever I put on my foundation. Which annoys me when it says on the bottle that it’s the perfect base for all makeup. I always end up with the primer flaks off. The first few times where it didn’t flak off I really liked it. It kept my skin hydrated and I couldn’t feel that I had it on.

I think it important to note that I use mineral foundation. When ever I’m using a non mineral foundation it doesn’t flak off.

I think it’s a pity because I really like the way it feels on the skin. Or I like you can’t feel it on the skin.
This primer simply doesn’t work for mineral foundations at all.

Gosh Primer Plus Base Plus.

I really like this foundation. Firstly the primer has this brown colour which cover up the redness of the skin. It doesn’t flaks off when using mineral foundation.
But unfortunately I don’t like the way it feels on my skin. Unlike Gosh Foundation Primer Classic, you can feel you have something oily on the face, which isn’t a nice feeling.

I’m not one of those beauty bloggers who are able to write a 1000 words long essay about pros and cons of a product. These are my impressions of these two primers. I’m not impressed with Gosh Foundation Primer Classic when it come to mineral foundations. I like Gosh Primer Plus Base Plus, even though it doesn’t feel as nice on the skin as Gosh Foundation Primer Classic

I hope you all are well and I'll see you on Sunday.

Your Scandi friend.

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