Do limitless drugs really exist?

Many movies show the concept of limitless drugs, wherein the lead role pops in some drug “limitless drug,” which gives him extraordinary capabilities. In one such movie, there is a medication namely NZT-48 limitless, consuming this medication transforms the actor from a sloppy a lazy person to an energetic man.  No, wonder why this movie was so hit amongst people, nowadays who do not want to get work done with more efficiency and precision. Now the question is, do such medicines actually exist? The answer is more satisfying than the question itself-yes, limitless pills are real. Yes, you read it right. There are medications that can help you to work to your full potential without having some supernatural powers. If you want to know more about this extraordinary pill, then keep scrolling!

What are smart drugs or nootropics?

Smart drugs or nootropics are the most beneficial medications that can improve reflex-time, enhance memory, and improve brainpower. They are rightly known as the cognition boosters. Students are one of the most consumers of the drugs as they need excellent memorizing power and superb grasping hold to score well in their examinations. These drugs are also useful in increasing the intelligence, aptitude, ability, and creativity of a person. Moreover, these drugs help cure disorders like Alzheimer or Parkinson’s disease.

Common nootropics available 

One of the most common nootropics existing in the market is modafinil. It is also a treatment for diseases like shift-work disorder, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and obstructive sleep apnea. They fall under the category of stimulants. There are even famous by the name schedule-4 drugs. Now, let us throw some more light on modafinil.

What is modafinil?

Modafinil is a remarkably beneficial smart drug that can improve the cognition function of the brain in various ways. There are many smart drugs available in the market, but the features, which differentiate modafinil from the rest of the smart drugs available, are:

•    Modafinil only acts as a stimulant, but it’s not

The best thing about modafinil, which makes it so popular among people is that it is not a stimulant. However, it works like one. It is just a eugeroic agent that helps in inducing alertness in a person. It won’t make you jittery as the stimulants do.

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•    it is not addictive

Modafinil is not addictive in nature. So, you don’t have to worry about habit formation like with many drugs. Moreover, it also helps in keeping addictions at bay.

•    Modafinil has no to minimal side effects

Modafinil is an FDA approved the drug. The drug does not have any severe side effects, just some minimal side effects that may subside in a week’s time.

•    Modafinil is a result oriented drug

Modafinil is sure to prove beneficial. This drug is for a lifetime.

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Some features of modafinil

• Modafinil is a prescription-only drug; means can buy the medicine only if the doctor prescribes it to you. The doctor will analyze your overall health condition and prescribe the drug accordingly. 

• Modafinil is available in various drug packages such as 50mg, 100mg, and 250mg. You may take medicine, one pill every day or as prescribed by your doctor. In case, you chose a higher dosage without consulting the doctor then be ready to experience some side effects.    

•   For people suffering from health conditions like sleep apnea, and obstructive sleep apnea one pill in the morning is enough. It will keep their symptoms under control. Also, maintain a record of pills you are consuming.

• If shift work disorder is troubling you, then one pill before the shift is all you need to keep going throughout the shift. You may consume the medication before or after having some food.

  • In case you have a history of some health disorder, then refer to your doctor.

•    For health disorders, like kidney problems, liver dysfunction, severe allergy, or hypertension; consult the specialist before you start taking in the medicine.

Work mechanism of smart drugs

Nootropics or smart drugs work in a similar way like the amphetamines. They provoke wakefulness or alertness to the consumer. However, the actual mode of action of the drugs is not very clear. The main idea behind these drugs is that smart drugs increase the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, which reduces the reuptake of dopamine in the nerves. As a result, you become more alert and sharp.

Are smart drugs safe?

One of the most distinguishing features of smart drugs, which makes it so popular among people is that the drug is non-addictive. The drug will help you to stay fresh and alert for long periods, which is good for your work. However, your body is going to suffer big time. So, it is advisable to consult your doctor regarding the drug dosage.

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Side effects of limitless pills

The common side effects of limitless drugs are:

       •    swollen face, neck, throat, and mouth

      •    hives

       •    Difficulty in breathing

Limitless drugs can trigger an allergic reaction in many people. Some of the reactions, which may require immediate medical help, include:

•    Skin Rashes

•    Blisters

•    Shortness of breath

•    Peeling

•    Swollen legs

•    Jaundice

•    Mouth sores

•    Fever

•    Dark urine

Discontinue the drug immediately, in case of the following experiences:

•    Depression

•    Suicidal thoughts

•    Talk more than normal

•    Hallucinations

•    Unusual behavior or thoughts

•    Aggression

•    Pain in chest

•    More active

•    Trouble breathing

•    Irregular heart rhythm

•    Skin Rashes

The generic side effects are:

•    Upset stomach

•    Headache

•    Diarrhea

•    Insomnia

•    Back pain

•    Nausea

•    Feeling nervous

•    Anxious

•    Stuffy nose

•    Dizziness


You may want to consult the doctor before you start consuming the medicine. The drug may trigger various health disorders, like:

•    Heart attack

•    Chest pain

•    Mitral valve issue

•    Enlarged heart

•    Irregular heart rhythm

    Patients suffering from the following disorders must consult the doctor if they want to consume smart drugs:

•    Mania

•    Liver issues

•    Amphetamines

•    Psychosis

•    Depression


It is advisable not to ride/ drive any vehicle or operate any heavy machinery after consuming the medication.

Interactions with other drugs

The common drug interactions include:

•    Fentanyl

•    Bosutinib

•    Ranolazine

•    Clopidogrel

•    Deflazacort

•    HLA-B*5801 

•    HLA-B*44

•    HLA-B*1502

•    HLA-B12

•    HLA-DQB1*0601

•    HLA-DR7

•    HLA-B*5801

•    HLA-A*0206

•    HLA-A2

•    HLA-A29

Dosing smart drugs

You can start with a milder dosage of 30m or 50mg. Then increase the dosage as per your body responds to the drug. The drug takes up to 45 minutes to register in your body, and you will notice the effects till eight hours of consuming it. Also, the drug is easily available from any local drug store or a genuine online pharmacy.





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