It is impossible to talk about Memphis and don’t think about Elvis. In fact, most people visit Memphis nowadays because of Graceland.

If you like this amazing artist you need to stop by his house. It is expansive. It is a tourist trap. But still a historical landmark and we get to participate a little bit in Elvis life.
Graceland has this name because the original owner named the property after his daughter Grace. Elvis liked the name and kept it. He bought the property in 1957 while his fame was ascending. It cost a lot of money to maintain the property so in 1982, only five years after Elvis' premature death, it became a museum and it was open to the public. 
Some say Elvis was almost broke when he died due to his stravagant life style. 
I found out I knew very little about the pop king. As I learned more about his relation to his parents and those around him, I admired him more. I knew the artist. Now I know a little more about the person.
Did you know Elvis had a twin brother? Jesse Garon Presley was born dead. Doctors don't know why but whatever he had might have influenced Elvis health problems. Yes, he had bad habits like eating greasy food and taking a lot of prescriptions ( and God knows what else) but he had underline diseases. 
Can you imagine two Elvis Presley? 
It is emotional visiting the place he loved so much. It is like been intimate with Elvis. It is like to live with him for a little while. 
Elvis, his parents, his grandma and his brother are all buried in the mansion grounds.
Across the street from the mansion, you will find the parking lot, the museums and the airplanes. It is where you start your visit. You can buy the ticket there or online. You wait for a shuttle to take you to the mansion. It is all organized by groups. 
Memphis is a beautiful town but if you drive around a little you will see lots of poverty. You can notice mainly older cars telling me that the local economic situation is not very good. There are 183 gangs and a lot of uneducated people you encounter as you explore the town.
I rode my bike from Graceland to downtown (about 8 miles) and returned by bus. You can get a day pass for $3.50 and if you need more than one ride like a did, that is what you will gonna buy. There are no transfers.

There were a lot of guys around town and in the bus. Some were drunk and all wanted to sweet talk to me. Many people told me to be careful and avoid certain places. I suppose Memphis is not very safe. There is a strong police presence in downtown area.

My dogs and I stayed at Graceland RV park. I paid $42.00 dollars (already with taxes) for a spot with water and electrical. Air conditioning is imperative for summer hot day.

They have a small pool, coin laundry and bathrooms. The sites have a picnic table. There is a big area to walk the dogs. Everything is clean and organized.

One day I might go back.

Published by Itinerant Butterfly