Faith is to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something.  It is a leap into the unknown with fingers crossed and eyes wide open.  Faith is our action step of hope.  July’s challenges have asked you to ignite hope in your life.  They have focused on building your self-confidence, recognizing your inner power through love, and acknowledging your innate right to live a life guided by positive energy.  Today’s challenge is the action phase of all of that work and pondering.  It is the leap of hope with full faith that all that you deserve and all that is rightfully yours will come.  It is time to start listening to your inner guidance.  This sometimes too quiet, gentle nudging that urges you to do something, or informs you with a simple passing feeling statement towards a directive.  

Faith requires an unwavering belief in what you are moving towards.  This is not an easy task in the world we currently live in, but it is possible.  Faith provides those possibilities.  With faith and the guided action steps you are encouraged to take, anything and everything is possible.  Look to human examples of monumental accomplishment for encouragement to press forward.  Humanity has been shown time and time again that the impossible is quite possible…it just takes faith and perseverance to bring it to form.  Remember, you are just as capable as anyone else to accomplish your dreams.  Please, retain your hope and always walk in faith.  

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With enthusiastic hope and unwavering faith the impossible becomes quite possible.  This has been true of positive things, as well as negative things. 

Question: What element is missing to ensure that humanity moves forward with only positive impossible possibilities?

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Dear Lord, beautiful Creator of life, love and possibilities, please fill me with unwavering faith toward the realization of my dreams and positive, loving change for this world.  I ask that you provide me with clear guidance as to the positive, affirming steps I must take to help You bring the blessings I desire into my life. 

Lord, I will stand in good comfort; for I know my faith has made it so…Amen!





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