What’s the first word you think of when you think of grammar? Glamour probably isn’t it. However, after having the privilege of witnessing leading linguist (the man, the myth, the legend) Professor David Crystal OBE at his craft, A-Level language students across Doncaster realised the two words are much closer than you may think.

David Crystal gave us top tips regarding A-Level syllabus, as well as the importance of pragmatics and semantics in language: referring to an upper class individual using ‘thou’ would have been very offensive in Shakespearean times. Who’d have ever thought that active and passive sentences could be quite so interesting?

Thomas Sheppeck, of Hall Cross Y13, said: ‘it was revolutionary, everything clicked into place in terms of pragmatics, which was something I could never really grasp!’ James Ross, also Y13, described the experience as ‘enlightening’. Aspiring Linguist James Pearson described how he ‘cut through superfluity and got to the heart of the matter’.

Professor David Crystal OBE gave us an insight to not only his life of linguistics, but also an insight into to his personal life, ranging from topics about his wife Hilary; who was watching from the back row, to Dave's favourite curse word... which I'm not sure if it's appropriate for publishing however if I C any of  U out and about Next Tuesday then I'll let you know. (If you don't know what just happened, then go.. just leave.)

Overall the day was an intellectual delight! The overarching message seemed to highlight language in our every day use and how ‘there is no life outside language’.

P.S - The day I met Prof Dave, I bought his book, Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary. As some of you may know, I also recently got a new puppy, Hobson. 

Hobson took a liking to my signed copy and decided to completely devour it. 

After obviously being deverstated, my parents got in touch with Dave and he sent over another signed copy of his book. I was beyond over the moon and just wanted to thank him again for being so nice!


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