Gratitude. That is something that I want to talk about today. From time to time,my blog features a thought or an opinion and gratitude will be the topic today. If you are not interested,that is ok but if you do decide to stay,thank you, and keep on reading. I won’t go on for long but I felt a need to write about this. Having been looking back on my life and this year in particular,I realised that despite what has happened to me,it has made me what I am today. It had made me a better,stronger person and regardless what has happened and how bad it was,there was always a lesson somewhere in there. It has opened my eyes to particular things,it made me a better person and led me to meeting new amazing people.Certain things that I have in my life right now,the people I have in my life,the people I have met,I wouldn’t have met or had in my life if the things prior to this did not happen. I guess what I am trying to say in my complicated way,is that,regardless of what happens to you,no matter how bad it seems… It happens for a reason. It makes us stronger people,it introduces us to people who will have an impact on our life or it teaches us a lesson that will help us later on, or perhaps will allow us to help the others who go through the same things or all of the above. Whether it’s loosing someone or something,going through break ups,coming out,work or education,friends or family,there is always a lesson in there and it is important to figure out what it is,in order to make it a positive experience and grow from it. There is always a lesson in the shit that happens to us,regardless of how bad it seems,and belive me,I have been through some stuff but looking back on it,it all had a lesson in it.It all happened for a reason and made me a person that I am today. It introduced me to people who mean so much to me today and helped me understand myself better as a person as well as making me a stronger individual. So what I am saying with this, is that,shit happens,to everyone, and it’s ok,that’s life. Take your time,heal and get over it but learn from it,take something from it and don’t let it define you. Let it make you a better,stronger person and be greatful for being able to learn from it,from meeting important people to you,from this experience,or both.

   The next point I would like to make,is the power of “thank you”.Quite often,especially in modern times,when we are on the go,and rushing,we tend to overlook the people that surround us. The people who root for us,wish us the best,push us,encourage and help. They don’t want anything in return,they don’t draw attention to what they do.It is a given for them to be there for you and they do the best they can to help and support you.Who are there for us,support us and guide us. They don’t have to be there,they don’t have to do what they are doing and yet they are. A simple thank you might not seem like a lot but it shows that you care,it shows that you see and appreciate what is done for you. The point is,that quite often we overlook the nearest and dearest people in our lives and what they are doing for us.We take them for granted and don’t notice what they do or we just expect it.It is important to remember that a simple “thank you” can carry a lot of weight and mean a world to the person who has been there for you. Saying this,shows them,that you do care,appreciate,see and are greatful for what is done for you. The best part,it is their choice,it is free so the least we can all do,is to say “thank you”.

   Now,it’s not a Thanksgiving day or a national thank you day or anything like that, but it is just a random thought that I had and I wanted to express in the post. I think quite often in the modern times and with busy lives,we tend to forget how lucky we are. How fortunate we are to have what we have and to have the people that surround us and support and help us. How fortunate we are having gone through the things we did go through, only to become stronger today. So I emplore you,ask and advise,look back on what you are and what you have. Notice all that has happened to you and turn all those bad memories into valuable lessons you could be greatful for.

Regardless of how bad it was,you are here and you are a stronger person today,having gone through it. Look and notice all of the support and love you are getting today and be thankful to these people for what they do for you,for being there and support you get. Appriciate,be thankful,greatful and let me be known. A simple “thank you”,can go a long way. Letting them know can mean the world to the person you say it to.

   I am sorry for going on about this but I feel like it is something I want to write about,something I want to get off my chest. I feel like people in our lives quite often go overlooked and underappreciated and we should let them know,that we see and we do appreciate. In this life it is important to be greatful for what you have and what you are,be greatful for the people you do have in your life and who are there for you no matter the weather. The power of gratitude is strong for those who say and hear it. If you are happy with things,well,looking on all of this might make you feel even better.However,if you are feeling somewhat down or worse,maybe looking on what you do have instead of,what you do not,and seeing the people who are there for you,maybe that will make your day,make you feel somewhat better about who you are,what you have and the life you live. I emplore you,say “thank you” today to someone who means a lot to you. Say it to them for what they do,for being there for you,for being themselves. It is always nice to hear and it makes YOU,feel good as well.

   I guess I am done with my rant,my thought,my inspirational piece and thanks for sticking with me til the end. This has gone for far longer than I thought it would be. Just a couple of lines I told myself,right!If you read this today and go on to say,”thank you” to someone you really appreciate,even if it’s just one person,I feel like I got my point across. I feel like someone today really felt appreciated and it was known. If I helped you reflect on something and make it a better experience,that is perfect too.I feel as a writer,sometimes it is my duty to speak up,say what’s on my mind and perhaps if I can help someone,in some way,I would love to do it.So I leave you with this…Be yourself,love yourself and those around you. Live your life,enjoy it,appreciate what you have,be greatful,be happy and be greatful to those around you. Not preaching or forcing,just a thought.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being here,now,for being awesome self.Thank you.

Published by Arthur Lepa