A new mum has plenty to look forward to. This includes the excitement of having a new family member who is completely dependent upon you. It is a journey that lasts a lifetime as you nurture your child from infancy to adulthood.

There are many supporting you from the sidelines. For your extended family and friends there is plenty to celebrate as you welcome your baby. Here is a list of gift ideas perfect for a first time mum.

Food Packages

Food is always a great gift. A new mum is tired after giving birth and her body needs time to recover. Frozen meals are great to give the new family, as they can be heated easily and conveniently. 

It is worth bearing in mind that as the mum recovers and feeds the baby she will also need plenty of nutrients. Get her a voucher or coupon code for a home meal service or fresh fruit and vegetable delivery, which she can use needed. 

There are lots of options when it comes to gifting food. Maybe discuss with the new mum and her partner how this can best be done to suit their needs and any dietary requirements.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning a room or a home is difficult with a newborn child. You can offer her some cleaning services so that she can focus more on taking care of her newborn and catch up on some sleep.

I know this was such a help when I had my little ones. The last thing you feel like doing is housework. Having someone come in and take over that responsibility is such a gift.

Baby Strollers

A necessity for every new parent is a stroller for a newborn baby. This would be such a useful gift. It will be one that is used every day. A pram gives the new mum freedom to go for walks and get out of the house when she has recovered enough after birth.

There are many different options and styles to choose from so it is worth discussing the new mum's preferences with her for the style of the pram she would like for her newborn baby before purchasing one. 

Personalized Goods

A customized gift is always very cute. You can gift customized blankets, towels, baby clothes or anything else that could be useful for the mum or the newborn baby. 

If you already know the baby’s gender and name, then that makes personalisation even easier to do. 

Skincare Products

Let the new mum enjoy some self-pampering sessions after the joyous hard work of carrying a baby in her womb for nine months! Skincare products - especially those that help with stretch marks and skin moisturizing - can help to restore a new mum’s confidence in her body once more. 

Items that will be useful post birth are also beneficial as these can be expensive, these include sanitary pads, breast pads and arnica cream. Facial masks and other skin care products are good too!

Soft Pillows

The new mum will soon rediscover her love and need for sleep. Gifts that promote better quality sleep for the new mum and her baby will surely be well appreciated! 

Get the most comfortable pillows from brands that you know and add it to her pile of existing pillows around the house; You can get a smaller one for her baby too!

Tea Set

Some mums are taking care of their babies late into the night. Gift a new mums a tea subscription pack and have different tea types delivered straight to her door with an insulated coffee mug or tumbler. She’ll appreciate the gift of a warm drink at funny times of the day and night.

Time Off

Every new mum is going to look forward to her me-time. Let the new mum take a proper break! 

You can gift her coupons for manicures, spa sessions, massage therapies and the like. Offer to babysit while she’s away to enjoy her me time so that she can have a wonderful, relaxing  experience. What a treat!

Baby Care Set

Disposables such as baby nappies, baby soap, wipes etc will always come in handy for new mums. This was one of the most practical gifts you can receive and will always be used.

If you are not sure what the new mum needs, visit any baby shop and take a look at their product selections or ask the sales assistant about the products that you can purchase for a new mum.

Published by Eric Foley