Group camping is one of the best social activities that can be done, to create some memorable experiences and fond memories, together as a group. Popularly done as a family, it can equally create strong family ties and unite the family together through beautiful adventures and challenging experiences alike.

However it is no simple endeavor, planning is important. Routes must be planned, gear must be arranged and stored and appropriate shelter must be accounted for.

Large tents are in abundance on the market, ranging hugely in price and in quality. Some may feel like a huge investment just for something you do maybe once or twice a year, while the cheaper family tents don’t last a night in strong weather conditions.

If you’ve ever been family camping and you’ve had one of those stormy nights tear through your tent and had to battle the elements at 3am with the family, to retrieve all your things that are getting soaked. Then you will realize this is an experience you will never want to revisit, ever.

One of the factors that makes family camping easier is space and storage. This can be achieved in many ways, but of the best ways to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, is to utilize the Cabin Tents. A cabin tent has straight walls that don’t lean or bend, meeting the roof of the tent like a cube shape. What this does is create spacious rooms internally, given the straight sides and tall roof.

It’s one of the only designs of tents that creates a homely feel when staying in them, even better for the family. Not only this, they are the best tents to use a divider inside with. This can allow you to create 2 or even 3 separate rooms on the bigger tents. This gives privacy and areas to change clothes, also allowing designated spaces for storing gear, keeping the sleeping area clean and tidy.

Not only these features are great for camping with the family, but you can combine the cabin tents spacious features, with the convenient fast pitch system. Making the setup and packing processes extremely simple. An Instant Cabin Tent can set up within a minute or two, depending on its size. It will still have the elements of a traditional cabin tent, such as tall center height, straight walls and divider compatibility. But you know benefit from a simplistic setup, which can even be done alone!

After a long drive you can pitch up quickly, throw open that deck chair and be sat down with wine in hand, even before the kids have let out their first scream “is it done yet!”

We first found out about these models of tents over at the, they run some pretty informative articles on a lot of camping activities with some unbiased reviews, including instant tents.

If group camping is your thing, then consider taking an instant cabin tent along with you for your next campsite holiday.

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