Hello, Green beauties! Back again with a new post that collects my recent beauty favourites and new discoveries that have been a staple in my beauty-skin-hair-body routine. I tried to be very strict in my selection including just some of the most-loved products of my daily routine with a special mention to new bits that have recently popped in my collection.

Let's get started with skin care...

Marula oil

O.M.G. I love this oil. If you are a regular reader of my blog you know how much I love to use oils in my skin care routine at the point that I consider myself an oil junkie, but Marula oil has completely blown my mind and it has quickly become my favourite!

Compared to Argan oil, Marula has a slightly thicker consistency but it's not at all greasy, it's a dream to massage on wet skin leaving no oily residues.

Marula oil has rapidly won my heart because of its amazing benefits, not only it does an incredible job in keeping my skin well moisturized, incredibly elastic and plumped but it's packed with vitamins C and E which made of Marula oil a real and effective anti-ageing treatment.

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter

Yes, that's my shameful secret! I use baby bottom balm on my face and I'm so proud of it. Don't laugh at me apparently I'm not the first to appreciate this balm for an alternative and adult use, read here and here !img_20170322_113349.jpg

This product it's a thick not at all greasy balm that I like to spread on my dry areas after my serum and before my moisturizer.  This product works as a shield, protecting my dry cheeks from harsh weather and freezing temperature ensuring an all day hydration. Plus, with this cream make-up applies like a dream.

Dr Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap

This is a cult in the green community, an old classic that is a best selling worldwide. Dr. Bronner's soap is made with natural ingredients and can be used for countless purposes: as an all over detergent, for house cleaning as well as laundry soap etc. Personally, I like to use this liquid soap as a face cleanser when I use oil as make-up remover and as a brush cleanser ( it performs like nothing you've ever tried).

I love how this soap gets rid of any oily-greasy-makeuppy residue from my face or brushes being gentle and at the same time effective. I've tried peppermint scented soap and I'm currently on my way through a rose scented bottle   I've stocked tea tree and citrus but, since a little goes a long way, my stock will last me forever.

Carrot essential oil

This product derived from the seed of wild carrots  is well-known for its anti ageing proprieties and benefits for the skin because it contains high amounts of Carotene and vitamin A which are powerful antioxidants, it has also antiseptic proprieties wich means that it's a treatment that can be used not only for preventing wrinkles but also for taming acne. I like to include one or two drops of carrot oil in my face oil routine, from the first application I can tell that my skin is brighter and smoother. The only downside of this product is its smell, this little guy here stinks badly! ( earthy root-like scent). It's ok for me because it means that my product it's 100% natural and don't contain synthetic fragrances but I have to add one drop of lavender essential oil to correct that bad scent.

Body care and others...

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

img_20170322_110727-01.jpegI confess that I 've taken a pause from my usual combo of crystal alum rock and essential oil topped up with a smidge of my DIY baking soda deodorant (full recipe here), I'm a lazy girl plus I was curious to try some store-bought alternatives to get some hints for improving my DIY formula. Among my purchasing first of the list was the famous and praised Schmidt's deodorant, and let me tell you, all the glory was well-earned! This deodorant is the best I have ever tried.

Noah Nourishing Conditioner Mango and Rice Proteins

Love, love, love this conditioner. This product made me discover the amazing detangling power of Behenamidopropyl dimethylamine (have a look here). I recently re-fall in love with this product and I've quickly gone through an entire bottle of conditioner and my hairs couldn't be happier: no tangles, silky smooth hair, no frizziness...I'm conquered!

what are your favourites products so far?


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