If you have seen your co-worker/friend downing a glass of green liquid pulp and wondered why would any one drink that, then this is a must read for you. If you are someone who is already on the green goodness bandwagon, then read this for a couple of great smoothie recipes :)

Welcome to Green Smoothies 101!  Let's start with the what, why and when of green smoothies.

  • What is green smoothies? Well, its a quick and easy way to get a ton of fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet and give your body the plant-based nutrients it craves! Just a simple combo of leafy vegetables + fruits + liquid base and some fancy superfood toppings is all you need to get onto the green smoothie bandwagon :)
  • Why green smoothies? Natural weight loss, antioxidants, clearer skin, increased energy, mental clarity and focus, increased fiber intake are some of the benefits. The most important one according to me is that it's the fastest fast food - takes just 5 minutes to make it! 
  • When should I drink green smoothies? It's best to have green smoothies in breakfast as it is filling and helps you kick start your day in a healthy way (also, its less time consuming ;) ). I have them in the morning everyday after my workout and at times carry a jar to work for those afternoon food slumps!

Here are two recipes to make sure you become a green smoothie addict, give them a try!

The Beginner's Green Smoothie: A great starter smoothie to make you feel the green goodness!

The Famous Apple Pie Smoothie:  Relish the flavors of an apple pie along with all the leafy goodness! Perfect recipe to make during the fall season.

Are you a green smoothie addict like me? If yes, what's your favorite go to recipe?

Published by Ruchita Sarawgi