So, I have been thinking lately because I have been doing "better" at grocery shopping, but I still have rough patches where it becomes really hard to grocery shop because I don't know what to buy or what to cook; if that makes any sense. Sometimes, I have these ideas and then realize eh.. maybe not.. then sometimes I go with what I "usually" would buy and then think.. eh.. I don't really want to eat that again this week. Then I have my days, where I am buying random items that have no place in mind what I am going to use it for until I make something up. I have had my rough patches with grocery shopping for 1) because I am a college student 2) I like budgeting my finances 3) I don't love grocery shopping 4) I never know what I want to eat & do horribly planning ahead sometimes & 5) If I don't have a list made, I am screwed. 

With this all being said, I am interested in how many of you have a hard time grocery shopping & why? Whatever the reason may be, I want to know because I am going to share some interesting helpful tips, information, etc that will help some of you, hopefully. Since I established that my skills are wack, I will be helping myself as well.. This list of how to grocery shop came from other people who wanted to share their way of shopping, my own experience, my mom, other college students, and some of this information is from helpful sites that I used to see if they could spread some knowledge my way so that I can share it with you. I will say using some of these ideas has personally helped me to become a better grocery shopper; like I said, I am not the best yet but I am making small steps toward progress. Enjoy.


How to grocery shop like a champ: 


  1. Use coupons (online, newspapers, in-store ads, apps)
  2. price match 
  3. have a list of what you need/want & if you are like me, it will be broken down to cold, shelf, etc sometimes
  4. match your lifestyle with your grocery shopping.  If you are paleo, vegan, low carb, etc then know what is the goal when you shop to find all those foods that fit that lifestyle
  5. learn to cook so that you can avoid processed foods, frozen dinners, etc.
  6. buy at least 1 thing from the produce section, why? because it ensures you either bought a fruit or vegetable :) but in all honesty, you should do the majority of your shopping in this part of the store. 
  7. Use Pinterest. This sounds crazy but it helped me to find recipes that were of interest to me
  8. set a budgeted amount you want to spend & stick to it. If you don't have a budget, all the merrier. 
  9. buy what you can afford.  I know people who shop say healthier options are more expensive. Let me be the first person to tell you: I don't always shop organically, gluten free; If I see chicken breast for 8 dollars and organic chicken breast for 10 dollars, and I have a budget I stick to then HELL YESS will buy that non organic chicken breast for 8 dollars. I won't regret it either because that is my budget and I know I can afford it. 
  10. If there is a "reduced" or "low" sodium option for the foods you buy, make use of it. It taste the same and usually priced the same.
  11. I buy frozen veggies because they last longer; some people buy fresh and that is fine as long as you know how to preserve them so they can last longer if you aren't going to use it right away
  12. use the store points cards. I like using Kroger's card, it saves me money on gas and groceries
  13. Take advantage of the buy one get one free and the sales on items that normally are more expensive. 
  14. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where the better options are (avoid the center isles because they normally have the junk food)
  15. Try to be more aware of the ingredients especially on canned foods and boxes.. (5 or less is usually better) when it comes to ingredients; which is why I avoid canned foods for the most part and don't buy boxed foods either. 
  16. Choose the better of the oils, try to use oils that are better for you. I use coconut oil and love it
  17. Don't go shopping when you are hungry because the chances are high that you will end up buying something that you didn't need because it "looked good"
  18. Keep things stocked for easier meals so that you don't have to keep running to the store when you run out of something
  19. Buy in bulk when it makes sense. If you know you use a lot of something, then it probably would save you money to buy it in bulk. I never used bulk but I know people who do. 
  20. If you don't know how to cook then try investing into a crockpot; heard these work wonders. 
  21. Try the "store" brands. I know we all like our "name" brand items (Even I am guilty of this) but sometimes it is worth trying the store brand; sometimes it can save you money
  22. Be watchful at the register, make sure you watch the scanner to look for mis-priced items
  23. Go during slow times, if you are like me then you have anxiety and shopping at the busiest times drives you crazy and makes your anxiety heighten
  24. Avoid corner stores and gas stations.  These are usually priced more expensive because of the convenience. 
  25. Rain check for any items they run out of and are on sale
  26. Drink more water to avoid having to spend money on pop, certain sugary drinks
  27. when it comes to household items, try to have these items stocked up so you don't have to buy them each and every time you are at the store. 

This list is fairly large but I know some of you may have some things you would like to add to it and by all means I would love that! Hopefully this gives you a general idea on how to grocery shop and what to look for when you do. Keep in mind, we all have different dynamics going on in our households so nothing on this list is a million dollar answer to everyone's problems but if you have a problem with grocery shopping that you don't think this list addressed, feel free to shoot me a message & I will make sure to post about it or send you a personal answer. 


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