Now one thing that didn’t cross my mind in the early days of pregnancy and that I probably took for granted, was that sooner or later I wouldn’t be able to see, let alone reach anything below my belly button. That fact alone, combined with gorgeous summer weather is not ideal. I’ve tried every angle for shaving my legs (yes we’re only talking about legs here) and to be honest I’m starting to get fed up with looking like I’ve been hacked at with a knife and fork! So today I decided to try veet hair removal cream.
This was way out of my comfort zone, I’m a razor kinda girl. I had to read and re-read the instructions – I know, I know, how hard can it be to whack a bit of cream on then wipe it off, right? But my baby brain combined with my clumsiness is a recipe for disaster. I had myself a nice relaxing bath first to mentally prepare, then it was show time. I assumed it needed to be applied to dry skin, the box and instructions didn’t actually specify (queue panic attack) so I just went for it. It came with a little spatula type applicator which I used to smother it on. Now I know I’ve got long legs, but to do from my ankles to just above my knees used up almost half a tube of this stuff, and it’s a pretty long tube! I did as the box said and left it on for 10 minutes while the smell of burning hair slowly filled my bathroom (why does hair removal cream smell like that?! Seriously!) and then removed it.

So just to clarify, I tried this method in the hopes that it would make the remaining 2 months of difficult leg shaving much easier, but in actual fact it’s equally as hard! I still have to do my best contortionist impression to make sure I don’t miss any areas and it takes ten times longer as you can’t just do it in the bath or shower! On the plus side, my legs are silky smooth and they aren’t covered in tiny pieces of blood soaked toilet paper.

My verdict…? If it’s going to be a struggle regardless, I pick the smooth non bloody version. I might have to spend a small fortune on hair removal cream but it’s so worth it. Oh pregnancy… Who ever said you were beautiful was a big fat liar!

Published by Elise Kate