Studies that emerged from the discipline of social psychology – predominantly those of Ash and Milgram in the 20th century – depict the intensity of social influence, specifically group influence, on individuals.

This can be seen at work today in political groups – particularly so amongst the younger generation.

Social groups exert a considerable amount of influence on the individual – both on their will and agency – and call for obedience and conformity (as proven by experiments of both Ash and Milgram). Within any social group that exerts group influence – all of them do – there occurs a phenomenon social psychologists term Group-Think: a mode of thinking that occurs when a desire for harmony in a decision-making group overrides a realistic appraisal of alternatives. This is eerily similar to Orwellian group thinking.

In order to ensure that there is harmony within the group regarding decisions and choices, the individual simply conforms and agrees to everything – leading to a loss of self-awareness and restraint which is termed deindividuation (which has its contentions).

The group identity then begins to override individual identity and individual free will.

Although you may label yourself as Liberal or Conservative; Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian, you don’t have to buy into everything your side does. Your group identity should not take away your free will and your ability to critically analyze issues. Feeding into the political propaganda and indoctrination of a particularly side results in a lack of exposure to different perspective that may reveal a monumental flaw in your logic.

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Published by Cat Regrets