Everyone is more capable than they know, only if they allow themselves to dive deeper by creating opportunities for growth. It is vital to constantly be looking and creating opportunities that will allow you to feel uncomfortable, so you area able to gain some new insight. You won't change or grow if you continue to stay in your comfort zone. Add some spice in your life and do things that scare you, life is too short to cut yourself short.

In life in general there is always a never ending supply to gain some new knowledge, I think that self education is one of the keys of life. Like most people know already you can't just trust in everything and what people say, especially when it comes to the media. It is necessary to question and do your own research. If you are curious about something take the initiative to do your own research. No matter how old are what profession you intend to go into, its valuable to gain knowledge and skill sets in different areas and professions. You are selling yourself short if you don't think you are capable of doing something different from what you know. Life is about creating your own opportunities and gaining experiences that will teach you. You owe it to yourself to at least try because even if you fail it is an experience and a lesson that will be learned.

When you try things out of your norm, you grow by learning new ideas, innovating, and you create the opportunity to meet new people. It is so important to change your environment, so you are able to constantly understand different view points. People are their own books filled with endless stories of great knowledge. The sharing of life stories is another part of self education.

It is a simple idea, if you are curious about something or interested, then try it! But, sometimes fear can get the best of us. Fear is nothing but a limit created in our mind, and you are the sole controller of your mind and you decide what your limits are. So, push yourself to jump outside of your comfort zone, feel awkward, learn something new, because you will be surprised how your growth and mentality will be affected in a positive manner.

Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

-Mo B.

Published by Monica Bains