I have been doing a little test with trying to regrow ecshallots

I had started this little test by doing a little reseach on Pinterest about regrowing scraps from your kitchen. There were many things I could have chosen from, but I was drawn to the Eschallots. 

I already had a bunch in the fridge. So I decided to try it. I found the best one from here, after scrolling after a few minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed reading what was written.


So I started Test One:

I had about 8 Eschallot ends.


I had them sitting in water for about a week, changing the water every two days.


After about a week, a few of them did die  But I wasn't to worried afterall this was a test.

I replanted the rest of them into a pot, and let them do their own thing and watering them every couple of days.

Out of all of the ones that I had replanted, only one survived. It's companion plant is the lemon tree (it's also got some lemons growing). It's also not my best photo.



I am happy with my first test.  I managed to get one growing. And today I am starting Test Two.


I have another five planted in with my rose bush.  I can't wait to see how many I get from this lot!

And I can't wait to start regrowing other things, at the moment I am trying to regrow pineapple, garlic, avocadoes and sweet potatoes - all from scraps!

~ Wendy

Published by Wendy Armitage