I learnt one thing as I grow up. Make your own decisions. Stop searching for answers in Google, or love tweets account on Twitter, or anywhere else. I have this love problem thingy. It involves deciding whether I should just walk away or stay. So I looked for quotes related to relationships on Twitter. Most of it sounds like this.. “Leave him if he’s not worth your time” and such as related. We may have not realized that how much of what people say on social media can influence what we decide daily. It can be relationships, family problems, financial issues, studies and etcetera. I took notice of how dangerous this is as I almost did something that I would’ve regret my whole life for. Luckily I stopped allowing myself from depending on answers from strangers.

We always rely on people for answers to our problems, and when we don’t have anyone to talk to, we search for it on Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. No matter how right it may sound coming from another person, we must think thoroughly on our own first. I decided to not give up yet on this guy that I am interested in as I feel like he’s worth the effort. Not all things come easily to us right? We have been blinded by this love fantasy that is portrayed through drama’s on television, thus, influencing our expectations when getting to know someone or finding a partner. This I believe, is one of the greatest trick of the world on us. Listen to your heart, but make sure to use your brain to distinguish between a stupid or a smart decision. It depends on the person itself also, whether you should listen to your heart or your brain. In my case, I have been thinking too much, analysing every single data in my brain, that until one point, I have to just trust my instincts and do what my heart says. If it doesn’t work out, well, fuck it. Life fucks up at one point or another.

Published by Julianna Ong