Okay before I go into my sob story, here is a run down about myself since I never gave a full introduction on my site!

 My name is Jazmine, but usually, people called me Jaz and was born and raised in the boot, Louisiana. I am an undergrad 3rd-year student majoring in Computer Science with a Digital Media minor and no I cannot make you an app nor website nor a party flyer, lol. Yea so, my life consist of shopping, eating, hanging with friends and fam, blogging, coming up with "How to get rich quick schemes" and of course pursuing my faith with God. I am passionate about inspiring the youth, taking chances, and being happy throughout my journey. If you met me in person, your first impression of me would probably be that I am silly, sassy, but a very motivated young woman. My goal in life is to be a boss lady. I want to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and start a charity foundation, while giving my family the world.

Writing essays was never my thing, and I could probably speak better Spanish than English when it came to speaking properly. I'm from the south, so every word we say is a shorter version of the actual word. Like Y'all, wanna, fixing to, ain't, etc. So how did I get into blogging? Well, I don't like writing essays because throughout grad school and undergraduate school, the teacher would give us a topic to write about instead of letting me write about what appealed to me. That goes for English/Literature class too. I hated reading because the stories were boring and usually written in the 1920s and I could not comprehend well. Give me a book about fashion, technology, or a recent movie I watched; then I would be able to tell you every detailed about it. That is the thing; people like to read and learn about what interests them and not about stuff that they cannot relate to.

Okay, back to the About ME part. So, I picked up blogging a few months ago. My motives behind blogging were that it would help me improve my ability to write and will help with my lack of grammar skills. Also, I am big on people letting their voices be heard, and I always wanted to be an inspirational speaker. Therefore, my blogs are informative and get the brain juices up and running. I like to speak on hot topics that everyone is scared to bring up. I give you a raw, straight up feel in my blogs and let you know what’s up. I wanted a true feeling to my blogs and not just a Tumblr, so I made my middle name into a brand. TheNicoleNotes is my brand and my blogging site www.thenicolenotes.wordpress.com. No, I did not code my site because why do something the hard way when there is something bigger and better, and I have the WordPress extension because yes I am a broke college student who is too cheap to pay a monthly fee just for a name. It is not exactly about the name, but it is more of how are you going to get people to your site and keep them coming back.

 In the beginning, blogging was more of a hobby and a way to help myself, but it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I reached 1,000 views on my blog without promotion in just a month or so and now I am writing for mytrendingstories.com. The site contacted me through my form on my site and ask me to become apart of the team. In my mind, I keep telling myself that THIS IS CRAZYYYYYYY, but in reality, whatever you put into this world is what you will get out of it. I am always taking chances and googling for new opportunities. You are never a professional at what you do because there is always room for improvement. In the words of the great poet Maya Angelou, " My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

Thank you to my family, friends, and fellow blogging family for all of the support ! Follow me on mytrendingstories to catch some tea(:

-Jaz, xoxo

Published by Jazmine Staten