Somewhere Over My Head is the second extended play by American singer Greyson Chance. Released on May 13, 2016. Chance has currently released three singles from the EP. The first single, “Afterlife”, was released on October 29, 2015. “Hit & Run” was released as the second single on February 5, 2016. The third and final single, “Back on the Wall”, was released on April 29, 2016. The EP consists of 5 tracks (Afterlife, Back On The Wall, Hit & Run, No Fear & More Than Me). The whole EP gave a different and more mature sound now that Greyson had grew up, it sounded like a Zayn + Nathan Sykes + Sam Smith combined through vocals and the way they produce each track. The first song I heard from the EP was the 3rd single which is ‘Back On The Wall’ when i heard that song on the radio i just stopped everything i do and stand, listening and i’m like “who is this?” i stand there until the dj revealed who the singer is and he said Greyson Chance, i was shocked really. With that song, i’m all curious about the whole EP and i said i should download it, then they announced he’s going to have a show here and i knew it i have to be there and get the physical copy of the ep and i wasn’t disappointed. This EP is amazing.

Let’s start with the first track ‘Afterlife’ i just loved how contradicting the lyrics and the beat of this song, cause it is somehow upbeat and fast phase but the lyrics are just so down, it’s on how can someone leave you alone when you thought you are everything she needed. The second track is ‘Back On The Wall’, this one is so bad ass and sounding very sexy. Every time I listen to this song it just turns me on and i can really imagine it being a background music in a very hot scene in a movie or something. Then when i watched the video, and Greyson be looking so damn fine, i’m just done. The third track which is ‘Hit & Run’ this one right here is your particular radio pop that could be your jam and really not get tired of listening to it over and over again cause it makes you dance and do crazy shit. The next one is ‘No Fear’ and this one is just my favorite from the EP. I just love how myself can relate so much to this song and it can be like an anthem for me. The lyrics plus how the instruments were combined together to make that perfect sound it’s just amazingly put together and i just love it and when it just blows my mind when he performed this live. The last track ‘More Than Me’ there’s this line in this song which is “I needed love but it’s never the same, For I wanted more, You wanted more than me” that is really heartbreaking and even made me cry when he performed it. With the lyrics and just piano it can really brought you up to tears. This song is something very personal to Greyson where here he discussed about heartbreaks, realization, challenges, and anger. The name of the EP was fetched by the lyrics of this song “You weren’t looking at me, You were looking instead, Somewhere over my head” and I just love how the song made its transition from the verses up to the last part and probably the best way to end the ep.

He made the EP his personal story book with each song be personal to him since he wrote it and i can see the story of every song that really is pertaining about his life, what he have been trough and it’s just wonderful that someone like him would like to let people know what he is feeling through his craft and that’s what being an artist should really be about.

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