Finding something to clingy myself of emotions onto. Not understanding how I allowed this feeling of need, and false joy take over my mindset to where I only found happiness in that bag. Wrapped in green leaf irony hoping to get a better and slower pull. Exhaling all flustered emotions that have yet figured itself out. Caught up from things of the past that lingers over me without fully being released. Every flooded emotion drowning me with my past, allows me to think escaping in a swisher sweet would be the place to creep. Creeping only led me face deep into a sea where I saw no rescue. Floating in a dead body of useless unkempt water left me life less. As a zombie I walked through this life wishing for something greater. Greater Then a gentle yet very large hand reaching down, grabbing me out of the mind set of incompleteness ; broken and misunderstood emotions.  Clearing my way as I felt no room to lead. I’ve walked myself in to a lifeless body. That has no greater end then what it begin. Begging from the pit of my soul; Lord Jesus please take control of me. Take control of everything that is inside of me.

Father I have realized that I, should not be in lead of my own destiny; for that I’m in need of a greater force to direct my way. Only you I trust to have control over my wellbeing. You have pulled me out of darkness father, shining a light so bright only the truly blind will not miss it. A rescue so different from any other. Realization of the fact that God has me. Even when I don’t have myself. He has me.

Who Greater than the king Lord Jesus.

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews