One of the top trends that I have noticed for Autumn Winter 2016 is grunge boots.

The two labels that I've focused on were Louis Vuitton and Prada. Louis Vuitton however have put a slight twist on the classic boot by adding a large stiletto heel but while keeping the thick sole of some boots such as Doctor Martens. On the other hand, Prada stuck with a flat ankle boot but added lots of embellishments.

Large boots were a huge hit in the 90s and collections nowadays are slowly bringing the trends back and I absolutely love it! My personal favourite is Doctor Martens and I currently own two pairs but am hoping to definitely expand my collection. I have noticed that more and more people are wearing them and I have had a lot of people complement mine which makes me very happy to see that people like my shoes. If you read my blog then you will see that I frequently wear my DMs. 

Grunge clothing is also a very popular style of clothing right now and a lot of A/W 16 collections are featuring more darker colours, block colours and very simple patterns. This is another thing that was a huge trend in the 90s, just search "90s grunge clothing" on Pinterest you screen is flooded with amazing outfits. I could spend hours staring at them all in awe wishing I could pull them off.

Selena Gomez is featured in the Louis Vuitton campaign and the main colours that they've used is black,white and red which are very grunge/ winter colours. The boots are mostly black and some of them have white laces. Flicking through the collection I noticed that they have used a lot of fur in things like hats and large oversized coats as well as a lot of leather in bags and trousers and I can only assume that the boots are leather as well because they usually are.

Looking at the womenswear for Prada there is lots of black and grey tones with some whites and pops of bright colours. This collection is different to LV because there are so many more patterns involved but one thing that they do have in common is that they both feature large oversized coats which seem to be very "in" right now. One fabric that commonly pops up is velvet and they've definitely gone for a different approach with their outfits. They are wearing wool tights with diamond shapes on the front in different colours but this is the different part, they're not wearing shorts/skirts over them. So they're wearing them as if they were trousers which is a very bold move in my opinion and it's different. I'd never do that though.

I think that grunge boots will be the trend for A/W over the next few years because you can wear them with literally anything?


Do you like to wear boots?




Published by Indi Stilling