Since you are here, you definitely want to build a mobile app for your business. You are going to need the help of a mobile app development company. You must know the process of developing an app if you want to build one and launch it successfully. This following guide may not the right fit for all but it will help you get started with your very first mobile app.

Come up with an Idea

This one is for those who don’t yet have an idea for their app. It’s going to take some brainstorming. The best way of coming up with a selling idea is to look for problems and come up with a solution in the form of an app. Just look around you will see that almost every product our service out there was created to solve a problem. Start looking for problems in your daily life, list them and try to come up with their solution. Once you find a selling solution, go ahead, use it as an idea to create your mobile app.

Identify the need

You have to validate that there is a demand for the app that you are trying to create. Otherwise, even a great idea can be useless. Your idea should seek the interest of a user.

Assemble the right team

You will need the right mobile app development services. Since it is your very first app, don’t try to save money by hiring less experienced freelancers or mobile development agency.  When assembling your team, think of long-term. The process of developing an app will become easier and successful if you gather such people who have the same vision, work ethics and mindset as you.

Building an app yourself is not impossible. But it is not recommended. Don’t try to play the role of too many people. Make sure you have a technical advisor by your side right from the very start. This is necessary if you don’t have much technical experience.

Make a layout of all the features

It is time to dig deep into your product. Start working on the details of the app, how you want it to look like, what features do you want to see etc. Put down all your ideas on paper. Include how you want the user to navigate your app and everything that is necessary for the developers to understand your idea.

There will be some features that do not core to the app so don’t hesitate to cut them off your list. Your very first version of the mobile app does not need features that are simply nice to have. Save them for later as you update the app. In this way, you will keep the initial cost of mobile app development under budget. You can also take suggestions from an Android or iPhone app development company regarding features.

Build a prototype together

It’s great that you know what your business app should look like. Now it is time to put the prototype together. Most organizations overlook this step. A proof of concept can do wonders for your app. It will tell whether or not the idea for your business app will be functional from the technical perspective. Before you launch the idea, it is better to test it. You can also beta test your app to see how it will respond when exposed in the marketplace. Take all the help you need from the company you hired for mobile application development services.

Get the feedback and improvise

Don’t be afraid to accept criticism, it is healthy you know. The feedback of your beta testers will be extremely crucial to the success of your app. Use it for improving and enhancing your app.

Your app is ready for launch

Now your app is ready for launch. You will have to register for a developer’s account with app stores to sell your app. The annual fee for the Google Play Store is $25 and that of the Apple App Store is $99. You can also sell your app by registering as an individual or company.

Use analytics to track the number of app downloads and user engagement. There are lots of free and paid tools available for that. The agency that is offering you Android app development services can do that for you too.

Launching the app is not the end, but it is the start of a new beginning. Hence why you will have to be in constant touch with your mobile app development company. Developing a mobile app is crucial to the success of your business so hire Origami Studios for this task.

Published by Jack Louis