It is summer.  Summer means what?  It means sun, sun, sun!  Pool party, boys, beer, shopping, and food.  Yes. So much yes.  When you and your best friend have the same day off, you know it will be a good day.  It started off with acai bowls, frozen margaritas, and selfies by the pool.  Pretty girls get attention from boys right?  Well sometimes it is not a good things, especially when the boys giving you attention have girlfriends.  It is not the first time my friend and I have been accused of attempting to home wreck a relationship.  Throughout college, we were always talked about and judged because people thought we were trying to steal boyfriends.  Besides the point, we were approached fast by some angry girls.  Why were they mad at us?  Shouldn't they be mad at their boyfriends?  Anyways, we dipped.  Instead we got dressed and hit the town.  Shopping and dinner were in line.  We adventured around the town and made some new friends.  Not friends like that but just people to hangout with.  We went back to my friend's place.  It was now time to continue the pool party.  Night swimming is always fun and wild, an even wilder with beer and hot tubs.  And you know it is a good night when it ends up around a bonfire and good company. 


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Published by Lauren Emi