Hey y'all! 

Okay, so I have to admit that while thinking about what to write for my first blog post, I searched the internet for help. I mean, I haven't had to this is in almost a year! (My blog, is growing up *tear*) And while searching, I obviously found the topic: Guilty Pleasures. And it got me thinking. 

The first thing to pop into my head was definitely Phantom of the Opera. I'm not a musical theatre kind of person and this movie doesn't really fit my personality. However, my inner cellist and little girl loves the music and thought of a masquerade. Hence the reason I have the entire movie memorized front to back. (That's what happens when your concussion is so bad that you can't see and you end up just listening to the same movie for 2 weeks straight). 

According to Google, the definition of guilty pleasure is something, such as a movie, television program, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard. Which is basically saying something you like that someone else doesn't. 

So by this definition, isn't  guilty pleasure just another term we use to shame ourselves? Now I say, ourselves because we're the ones who label the things we like as a 'guilty pleasure'. We're embarrassed by the things we love, for seemingly no reason. 

We assume that no one will like or agree with what we love, and therefore feel the need to be guilty about it. Guilt is a pretty strong feeling for things like TV shows and books. So why do we feel like this, guilty about the things we love? And whose fault is it? 

There's two obvious answers: society and ourselves. We can and do blame society for creating expectations and terms that force us to rely on someone else's cruel and always changing opinion. But if we think about who society is, it's us. As unfortunate as it is, we are a part of society. By buying into the term itself, we buy into what society is selling. 

We say we don't agree, but how couldn't we? This is what we've been raised on, and it's what we know. We always hear about people not agreeing with society, yet it remains the same with hardly any change. Because society is us, and as much as we'd like to say we'll change, it's harder than it sounds. 

How are we supposed to not judge others if we find our own hobbies, embarrassing? Society isn't people influencing other people. Society is us influencing ourselves. We don't tell ourselves that we're smart, and that the things we like aren't ridiculous, so we don't hear these things being passed around in society. 

And changing our opinion of ourselves, is much harder than telling someone they're wrong. But I shouldn't be guilty of the things that make me happy. 

Phantom of the Opera is a dream come true on the screen, Criminal Minds makes me think about humanity and how complex we actually are. The Mortal Instruments taught me about standing up for myself and remaining strong with the ones I love. 

I'm not guilty that I can find meaning in everyday life. 

I don't have guilty pleasures. 

I just have things that make me happy. 


I hope you enjoyed this! Comment down below, one of your non-guilty pleasures, and make sure to check out my personal blog, akatheauthor.wordpress.com, for more. 

Love y'all!     - Aspen AKA The Author 

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