Since the University of the Philippines system changed its academic calendar, our classes will start on August 2014. So what’s it gonna be for us UP students? Find a summer job, work, internet, watch your favorite series, watch movies, read more books, complain about having no moolah,  become busy with org duties, play, learn something new, go on road trips, travel, etc. But the most important of them all is going to the beach! What’s a real definition of summer without having a sun-kissed skin, swimming in the sea or having sand in your body? A normal human being’s summer will never be complete without a day at the beach (or so I think?)

Last Tuesday, June 10, 2014, I went to Alubihod Cove in Guimaras Island with three of my college friends – Vicky, Frankie and Meirney. Ee. Eee. Eeee! Hahaha. The place was relaxing since there were only a few people in the beach because most of them are at school or at work. It seemed like we had the place all to ourselves. The place was serene and it was very relaxing! As soon as we arrived, we placed our stuff at the beach, put on sunblock and swam. And what I really love about Guimaras is its clear blue waters.

We took a lot of photos (nearly 300 haha!), ate chips, played in the sand, swam again, until we get hungry. Then we ate lunch, and went on island hopping. It was only the four of us plus two boatmen in the little pump boat. We started around 1 pm and the waves were huge! The water even went inside our boat! One of my friends was really afraid our boat might capsize while my other friend was really enjoying it. After visiting two islands, we then went on snorkeling. During snorkeling, we had a really hard time wearing the snorkel. Hahaha. If others looked so hot snorkeling and diving, we looked liked asses. Hahaha. And the scary thing about snorkeling, is when you don’t have a life jacket and you snorkeled in a deep part and the snorkel just snapped. Hahaha and my eyes hurt of the saltwater. But the overall trip was an 8/10 for me! Yay!😀

Published by Danna Javellana