Computer gambling guys are more aggressive toward strangers due to low testosteron. When they play and win against their friends, there is a drop in the testosteron levels recent research shows.

According to a new study conducted at the University of Missouri increases testosterone level of computer gaming guys significantly when they play against strangers. A behavior that is also observed in warfare. Previous studies suggest that a group of soldiers, or a football team for that matter, have higher testosterone levels, the more foreign opponents are, writes New Scientist.

The researchers let 42 male university students divided into 14 groups of three participants in each group. The groups then played matches against each other in the game Unreal Tournament. The groups had to train together for six hours to create a group feeling.

Usage of testosterontillskott in Sweden among gamers

Later teammates to meet each other and members of other teams, also awarded the money as a bonus to those who won the games, so they started taking testosterontillskott.

The researchers discovered that those players who met players from other teams than their own was far more aggressive and had higher levels of testosterone, (due to lack of testosterontillskott). In almost all cases, it was also the winner of the matches that produced the most testosteron!

How can you increase testosteron then?

Without any particular order on what is best, here's a bullet list:

-Have stable food and sleep routines. Go to bed on time and in the morning. A "natural" circadian rhythm is preferred, ie to sleep at night and be awake when it is light.

Slept enough.

-Workout, get heavy reps increases testosteron more but you get more kicks and feel better more intense which in turn will affect the testosteron too. To vary its strength is good. Basic exercises for the legs and lower back is best, such as squats and deadlifts.

-HIIT training. To make it simple; Running. Interval training or short range. Of course, it works with any sport as well, most ball sports, martial arts, etc.

-Have no excess fat on the body. Try to bring down body fat to a healthy but low level.

Add more muscles to your body.

-Competitions. Sport is obviously given here. I do not recommend playing computer games and the like as an excuse for regular competition. Although raising the testot but you miss out on the positive in physically activate their body and social elements.

-Make sure to win races. A winner has more testosterone.

- Have a positive attitude and feel good. Think positively and take you out of depression, etc. A winning attitude is preferable.

- Obtain power. Be the best in your field, get a management position, to be rich or anything.

-Social status. Associated with being a winner.

-Challenge yourself. Do something you're afraid of. Fight alone in the woods for a few days, ride a roller coaster or start an activity, you are a little afraid of. Cortisol, adrenaline and other substances released in you by fear and challenge to get in length mean that you produce more testosterone.

-Sun, eat different vitamins D, etc. instead but the real thing is of course preferable.

Published by Joseph Nicholls