I want to start this post with a little note - I have not been compensated for my opinion by the Gwynnie Bee company, I pay for my monthly service. Although if anyone from Gywnnie Bee is reading this and wants me to write for my service or a discount I am so willing to trade :)
OK with that out of the way let's get on to the fun stuff! I have been using a rental service for the last year to augment my capsule wardrobe. It allows me to keep my basics and standards in tact, while still stretching out into new trends and colors without the hassle of having to buy everything and realize it doesn't always work. The awesomeness of Gwynnie Bee for me at least, is it caters to curvy girls - sizes 10-32!
How does it work? 

1. You sign up for their service - basically how many pieces you want to rent at a time, for what price. I rent 3 with an extra item for life (awesome right) for $79 a month. 

2. Log into your closet and start adding pieces you want to try - they ask you to keep a minimum of 25 items at any time to keep you in a good rotation (it's not hard I have almost 200 closeted at the moment)

3. Wait for a delivery - usually with in a week or so you should have your first box - wear and enjoy. Once you worn a piece or decide you don't really like it to start with, you place it in your little blue bag, and send it back - postage is paid for. If you find a piece you just can't live without, you have the option of keeping it for good at a deeply discounted price.  

The true beauty of this is the rotation of clothing, if your good about it, you can keep the cycle going so you always have something new coming, to give an example in just under a year I have had 140 items delivered to me with prices ranging from $50 - $150 (new) that I have worn and returned (some purchased) and really enjoyed.
Here are some of my favorite looks for the month.

For some reason I received a lot of tops this last month, not that I'm complaining - I'm usually dress heavy with Gywnne Bee. I did love the top below with the exception that the arms were too short for me.  I ended up rolling the sleeves halfway through the day just so I didn't feel like I was outgrowing my top.

This top on the other hand was awesome, if not a smidgy big, It had great lines and was made from quality material.

Another top - I loved this one because it had a "built in" tank top - and if anyone watches my snaps they know I have a thing for tanks.

Ah finally a dress, this one was awesome but would only work in a short window in CA, the fabric was very heavy which is nice, but almost too hot for most mild CA days.

While this was not my favorite dress, I did have a lot of fun with it, and got a lot of compliments, it's funny how the things I'm not a huge fan of when I leave the house are always the one that make the most impact in my office.  

All in all it was a little bit of a slow month for me and Gwynnie Bee, I'm not sure if delivery times were long or I was slow about giving my info on feed back.  But I know I've spent more time waiting for boxes this month than usual.  On the fli side that might be because I'm spoiled and they're always so good a delivering at a good pace.

If you're interested in trying Gwynnie Bee - Use this link for a free month.

XOXO - Sarah

Published by Sarah Kirkland