I’ve had it. Gym guys are just up for a heavy fuck session and the moment they see somebody sexier than you, you’re up on your own and that’s when you have to start packing your own bags.

First day on the gym and you appear sexy AF to these gym rats. They then give you these stares and questioning looks that says, “Jesus, look at that ass.” And like the pompous bitch you are, you pretend you’re the sexiest and the most desirable walking cunt on the village and you start bending and twerking that ass.

Yep. Bend it further, sexy!

Try as you might, you were able to bend all the way down with that goddamn weight on your shoulders your gym instructors made you believe will help you shape your body. Then by a kinky twist of faith, you get tired and willaccidentally “overbend” yourself you shove your back and ass towards your gym instructor who is patiently assisting you with innocence and because of that, you feel his hard chest against your back. . .and his suddenly growing erection catches your attention and you think, “This is it! I am not just gonna work out my ass tonight. I’m gonna workout my life!” And then you stopped midway and tells your gym instructor to help you lift the weight on your shoulders.

Oh gosh that was intense!

Suddenly, embarrassment creeps into you and blood rushes into your face and neck –you blush! To save your face, you go to grab your water and drink thinking that at least it will flush away any remnants of what just transpired a moment ago. Drink bitch. Drink.


Then you feel a presence behind you! “Oh my god! The gym instructor!” You almost pee your pants from the thought of him “Wait, was he big? Oh yeah he was! Damn!” And then your face just gets redder it might explode the minute he touches you. Then all the thoughts of further sexual positions you know comes whirling you couldn’t prevent it. Like a wild hurricane of thought with the pure intent of destruction. Then because you weren’t able to notice you’re gripping your bottled water so hard, it explodes and then the gym instructor disturbs the mental chaos of sexual position your silly disturbed mind is in. You jumped the shit out of your place and then told yourself, “Hold up! I think I’m cumming!” So you move to clamp your legs to feel a wet spot. . .yeah there is –and it’s the sweat! Dirty. Mean. Bitch.

“Hey, you okay?” How in the hell could you feel his warm husky voice so close behind you when he’s actually a feet away? You start to wonder and then you think of all the possible sexy and manly things he could do to your body because, admit it or not, you are one big fan of sadomasochism you think it’s the pure essence of your pathetic sexual life.

“Do you wanna try something new?” He asks you this and your dirty thought is, “How about you strip in front of me let’s start fucking like rabbits.” Gosh, you shudder at the dirty thought and then tell him instead, “Uhm, I’m kinda tired and just wanna cool down for a moment. If that’s okay.” As if it’s any consolation to your misery, you produce the biggest *sigh* of your life because you haven’t noticed you’re holding up your breath for what’s more than necessary. He then said the most sexiest “Okay” with a smile as if he could read what you’re thinking and then touches you lightly on the shoulder hoping he will lean on you and tell you, “Let’s go to the bathroom.” But here’s the truth, he will just actually leave you there with your libido so high and dripping wet from what other bodily fluids your body could produce aside from blood and sweat!


Yeah. No to the gym guy!

Then you come back to him and tell him you’re ready. He then looks you up and down and it’s right this moment that you start thinking, “He’s gonna ask me out now!” Him smiling is by far the most beautiful thing and you’re so sure you’re gonna end up with some hard cock and balls in your mouth but then he says, “Okay. Since you’re ready, we’re gonna add 50 lbs on the weight and see how far could you lift.” Great! Just great! He then tells you that your stiff legged exercise is good for the legs and that you don’t have to worry. At. All.

The you’re session is about to finish and he tells you to come with him because he’s gonna stretch you good! “Oh God! He’s gonna stretch me good! This is it!” You almost jumped in your pants from the thought but before you could do that, he cut you off and called your attention. “Come here.” With a seductive look, his command has just turned your masochistic nature at full blast. Then he lowered himself unto you and you could now feel it happening, but, he then grabs your hand and twisted it you jumped the shit out of him and screams like the bejesus has gotten out of you. That isn’t supposed to happen but again, his job is to make you feel better. Make me feel better my ass! Then he leans forward and whispers in your ear, “Bend” like the slut you are, you’ll do as what you’re told to. Then he grabs your leg and twists it again but somehow, you already know that’s gonna happen. And you like it because, again, you like pain.


Then the session is over. He looks at you with that shiteating smile and tells you that you did good. Then that’s when you realize that you’re hitting with the wrong straight gym guy and he feels pity with you because he doesn’t do sexy people with a dick. And that’s where the hopes you’ve built days before starts to crumble. But at least youknows that he will do you if he’s batting on your team because, again,you’re a one sexy m’fucker. And you both know it.

See, gym guys are not really a good deal for hooking up and this is where you’ll try. . .the restaurant! Yep!

Published by Renato Tan