around spring, I got my hands on one of the best things to come on the market since sliced bread. ever since I have been introduced to Hydroflask and their products I have become OBSESSED (I even bought my dad and my boyfriend a bottle of their own for gifts…seriously, everyone needs one).

This bottle and the other Hydroflask products keep your beverage/food/WHATEVER icy cold for 24 hours OR piping hot for 6 hours. Take my word for it, I’ve once left my flask in my car with ice in it in the morning and came back to get my forgotten treasure later in the day before I went to bed… still cold AND still ice.

You can get bottles for water, coffee, beer, and even food. What is also great about Hydroflask is that 5% of your purchase can be donated to a charity of your choosing, and I’d say this fact alone and the quality of the products makes your purchase worth every penny. Not to mention that my boyfriend claims that I have changed his health for the better by getting him one of these water bottles; now he has cold water at hand all the time and has no qualms about taking sips out of this baby even if it has been lying in the sun. I seriously do not leave the house without mine… (ie. featured photo of my hydroflask coming along with me on my lake/mountain excursion)

check it out: 


DPLX, my cool friend who makes sick music and is selling snazzy stickers

Connor Farris, up and coming photographer (and close pal) who took this pic of my most prized posession…

This is not even an ad. I actually really am obsessed. join the cult…


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