One thing many of you already about me is that I enjoy being successful, this is what achieving my dreams is all about, but success itself comes at a price.

Many of you have either heard of or seen the iceberg analogy, the tip of the iceberg that's above the surface represents what others can see, the successes you've achieved and all the fruits of your accomplished dreams. But what people don't see is what's below the surface, the failures, the sleepless nights, the countless times you've had to pick yourself up again after having fallen and how hard this really is. But, despite all the failed experiences you have to go through, being able to see your goal through, makes all the pain worth it.

That's what makes all the successful people the same, they use whatever's beneath the surface as a stepping stone to reach the top, the use their failures to lift themselves up because they have that determined mindset, and of course they certainly don't have limits.

So that brings me to the first habit of highly successful people:

  1. Determination: never feel like you cannot accomplish a goal just because of its scale or because it's something that no one else can see except you. When I started my very first post on this blog, I was disheartened because not many people had read it and so I wasn't getting the views that I'd wanted, but nevertheless, I persevered (which bring me nicely to habit #2).
  2. Perseverance: just because things don't work out the way you wanted to the first time around, is never a good excuse to give up. Successful people always keep going, because they know dreams don't happen overnight, it takes months and maybe even years of hard work.  
  3. Self-confidence: when working towards your goals, you will always encounter people who either put you down or just simply tell you to give up because you're no good. This is where having confidence in yourself and your work comes in, always know that you're good enough, just don't be arrogant. Like everyone, you aren't perfect but this should never stop you.
  4. Be active: do whatever you can with the time you have to reach your goals, stop overthinking and letting ideas just remain ideas, even its just one small step that you can cross off your checklist, just do it (pun intended).

"Successful people are not gifted, they just work hard and succeed on purpose" - G. K, Nielson

-Afiyah Nadeem 

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Published by Afiyah Nadeem