Who doesn't dream of healthy, flawless, thick, and shiny hair? I know I do!

Let's cut to the chase, with all the trends and styles our hair is getting damaged bit by bit.

Here are some of our daily routines that could damage our hair (+Tips):

1. Blow Dry/flat iron
We all know that excessive blow drying/flat ironing damages our hair, yet we do it anyway.

  • Most dryers and irons have heat degrees make sure you’re not over doing it
  • Don’t get the heat too close to your hair, hold it at least 10 cm away (Stretch your arm, bend your arm upward, and maintain position) ;)
  • Don’t apply ironing directly to wet hair

2. Creams/Serum

There are special creams and serums which help protect our hair from the heat and give us satisfying results.

  • Don’t apply hairspray before styling, BIG NO-NO! It completely dries your hair
  • Don’t put too much cream/ serum, it weighs down your hair
  • Don’t start from the roots

3. Hair Coloring
Amonia free products work, at first I was in doubt of its lasting results, but I was satisfied (my roots can hold up to 3 to 4 weeks, that varies from one person to another).

4. UV Rays (AKA The Sun)
Exposing our hair to too much Sun dries out our hair and with time, makes it look dull.

I've been living in Dubai for almost 5 years, and it is hot most of the time, so just imagine what UV rays and humidity can do to ones hair.

Pantene has a kit put together called- Clinicare Hair Time Renewal.

The box is a set of three items, Shampoo+Conditioner+ One Wash Intensive Treatment (10 tubes).

Pantene- Clinicare Hair Time Renewal

The second you wash away the shampoo you would feel the difference, your hair would feel soft. The conditioner is not too heavy and it is easy to wash off (if you have oily hair do not apply to the roots, it will cause your hair styling to last shorter).

As for the One Time Intensive Treatment, as mentioned in the instructions on the back of the box, apply it for 3 minutes twice a week.

This kit helps restore the damage accumulated to your hair, but it is not specifically for color damaged hair. It worked for me, it has helped my hair restore its healthy look and feel. My hair is softer, easily brushed, less visible split ends, and it helped control (not eliminate) the frizz-iness.

Kardashian Beauty- Blow Dry Cream

Kardashian Beauty- Blow dry cream

This product not only adds shine to your hair and protects it from the heat, but it smells amazing too.

The Black Seed Oil benefits are numerous, it helps hair growth, restoration and maintains moisture. Cleopatra used it! (Not the Kardashian product, but the black seed oil, along with other natural remedies).

This cream is a bit thick in consistency, so I use one spray (approximately a size of a green) and put it on the hair half way through and downwards to the end.

Hairspray, like the movie :) make sure you choose the suitable one for your hair type, and know how much your hair can handle

To finish off my hair styling, I use Syoss Shine and Hold.

The spray is not sticky and it lasts throughout the day, and it gives your hair a glamorous glow.

Published by Marwa Patz