Have you ever seen a hair color or cut on somebody and thought to yourself, "I Would look so much better if I looked like them" or "I would love the way i look so much better with a hair color like that"?

Of course you have, We all have! This is me on the daily! My entire life I have thought to myself that people would like me more if I looked like so n so, or i would love who i am if i looked like somebody else.

That is the thought process I go though multiple times a day, and also the reason I did this.


I should note also that my hair was almost down to my chest when I started this process. Not only did i lose the length i had gained during my pregnancy with Molly, but i lost myself.

As much as I was born a blonde, without a proper hairdresser and patience, blonde does not work in my favor. So with my recent "journey" (I am really starting to hate that word) I have looked deep into parts of my soul I haven't ventured before and come to realize that as much as i want hair like Khloe Kardashian or Angel Porrino or have  Ombre hair  Like Jordan from With The Whittakers (her hair is stunning) or Sarah Jessica Parker, Or ... well you get the idea. As much as all those woman have amazing hair, without a hairdresser or love within myself, that is just not me.

In a recent Instagram post I had said that i was starting to miss my dark hair, and every day since then I would look through old pictures and see how healthy, thick and shiny my hair was, not to mention how confident and beautiful I felt. Even my Mom Buns were on point! I knew how to do my makeup to flatter my face, and when you could see my eyes without my glasses, the bright blue stood out like the ocean. I longed for that back.

After a lot of built up strength, I finally told my husband what I wanted to do, and yes I got the expected eye roll and "For fuck sake, really, again"  and a very persuasive (or not so, cause i was pretty much there) Conversation with my Girl Leanna. I did it.

I got 2 boxes of the Revlon Colour silk in Number 10 Black and brought myself back to life



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The feeling after drying my hair was amazing, It instantly felt softer and healthier and i felt like myself again!

I could also now put my micro bead Hair extensions back in! I bought some more micro beads from KattyGurl Hair Extentions (which is also where I had bought one lot of my extensions from also. great service and super kind staff) So last night after my beads arrived, that was me. It took a fair few hours to do it and my hands are a bit bruised from the pliers but i feel amazing and even with no makeup on and my new lease on life with my husband, (See previous post) I feel Beautiful again.


No longer do I feel like nothing i do feels right, or like im a stranger in my own body. I even branched out and tried a fake tan for the first time (Le Tan First Impression)

My Challenge for you reading this post, Do one thing that makes you feel like the real you, whether it be a hair cut or color change, a piercing or tattoo, a cosmetic procedure or even embracing a new relationship, same-sex or not. If it is something you truly want for yourself and it makes your feel like the real you in your own skin, Dont worry about what anyone else thinks or says. Only you can provide your own happiness.

To sign off here are a few wise words from my favourite author Cara Alwill Leyba



Love YOU!

K x


Published by Kristy Paddison