Times change, so does hair. I’ve wrecked my locks with chemicals more than I can recall. Here are the highlights (pun intended).

Phase 1: Typical
First dye job way back when I was a little nugget in Korea. I’m pretty sure I had cliché brassy highlights for a while.

Phase 2: Taken Down by The Man
Came to America and enrolled into a strict Catholic elementary school. School matriarchy told me to dye my hair back to original color because of dress code. The Man: 1, me: 0

Phase 3: Wasn’t My Idea
Went light for the first time in Korea – SURPRISINGLY to the urging of my dad. The result: brassy AF blonde, horrified daughter, pleased father.

Phase 4: Possibly the Best I Ever Had
High school = red. Red wine hair carries a lot of memories from the good ole teen days. 1 am walks home from BFF’s house. Marathon of late night munchies. Chillin’ on my roof, littered with thoughts as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Phase 5: Back to Black
Went dark back and forth in college. Maybe being surrounded by so many white people made me want to go back to my roots (pun intended), and not look like an assimilating light haired Asian???

Phase 6: Bleach Burns
Finally did it, with the help of a friend. Got the long coveted ash blonde. Not the exact shade I dreamt of, but good enough (just like my GPA).

Phase 7: Second Thoughts
“Ok maybe I don’t look as poppin’ as I thought” – covered that albino sh*t up with dark brown.

Phase 8: IDGAF
Currently drifting through life as a boring, brassy carrot head with insane roots.

Phase 9: ROSE PINK?
Please pray for a possible hair makeover.

Published by NaHyun Kim