I’ve been doing treatments with laser for almost two years and I acquired a lot of experience. I’d like to share some of that with you. The most common laser treatment clients ask for is laser hair removal.

Shaving parts of the body is part of the routine of many people, especially women. For those like me who love to travel, having to shave frequently can be a hassle. If you are in a hotel, hostel or in a friends house is not such a big deal. But if you travel (or live) in a RV where you don’t have much space or have to save water, it can be a problem.

One of the solutions could be treating the problematic areas with laser. But is laser hair removal for you?

How it works:

There are several laser devices. You should look for places that use Candela Gentle Pro series. There’s no need for gel or plastic tip. It is more comfortable, time efficient and promotes great results. There is also a setting for dark skins that are safer than other devices I worked with.

The laser changes the cells in the hair follicles and after a few treatments you should see patches that grow slower, you will have less hair and the hair will be thiner. It works well in dark, course hair but not on thin, light hair such as the “peach fuss” kind. Ironically, laser can make light hair grow darker, so the moment the hair changed from coarse and dark to thin and light, it is time to stop doing laser.

The surface of the skin has to be hair free. You should shave a day before.

Can you wax, pluck  or use chemicals to remove the hair while doing laser treatments?


Any form of hair removal that extracts the route of hair from the follicle should be avoided or the next time the laser scans your skin, it will not detect those hairs, therefore will not treat them.

Sun tanning is a big no, no. You should be out of the sun for at least a month prior to treatment and avoid sun exposure the whole while you are receiving the laser on the treated areas.

Why is that?

Because a tanned (sun or other kind) skin is more susceptible to burn during laser treatments and if you sun tan afterwords you can get hyper or hypo pigmentation (dark or white spots on the skin). Laser on its own can do that so no need to try to make it worse.

There are health conditions and medications that are contraindicated for laser but ask on the center you go to get clarification.

Laser hair removal is a wonderful tool but it needs to be used with caution and by professionals that know what they are doing.

Every person will have a different reaction to the laser. The treatments should be planned according to your characteristics and sensitivity.

The after treatment is important as well. My clients often ask me what they should use on their skin after they came for a laser treatment. Well, natural products are the best because your skin will be more sensitive and laser can cause irritation.

Considering that my clients don’t find the right products to use or  when they find they are too expansive, I decided to create a line of natural products based on organic and pure essential oils that are affordable. I’m still working on them and they should be ready soon. I will be posting the shop website when the products are available.

Published by Itinerant Butterfly